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Stephanie Willing is a two-time Earphones-winning audiobook narrator who is also known as her romance pseudonym, Avery Caris. She has a broadcast-quality home studio. In 2023 she won the One Voice Award for Best Performance in Narration (Fiction).


Stephanie began narrating audiobooks in 2017. Her clients include Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Blackstone, Dreamscape, Audible, Bee Audio, BlueNose Productions, and indie authors. 

Genres include Young Adult, Middle Grade, Romance, Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Picture Books, and Thriller. 

Accents: British RP, French, Scottish, Russian, Australian, Irish. American: Neutral, Texan, Southern/Rural, Minnesotan, NYC

Languages: EnglishBasic Russian

Romance: Surprise Pregnancy, Third Person
Romance: Military, Dialogue, Light Southern accent
Literary Fiction: Teenager, First Person
Thriller: Young Woman, First Person
Romance: Sapphic, Southern accent, dialogue
Young Adult: Science Fiction, Third Person POV
Middle Grade: Contemporary, First Person
Childrens: Picture Book, Wonderbook
Nonfiction: Memoir, Film Lit, Travel
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